Plain Jane: New CW Reality Show With Louise Roe

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Louise Roe will once again grace our televisions with her newest show, Plain Jane. The CW’s newest reality show is all about bringing out the beauty and confidence in every woman and getting rid of their Plain Jane image. British fashion expert, Louise Roe will be the one to host as well as be the fashion guru of the show.

Every week, Plain Jane will be featuring one woman who will be entitled for a transformation from her usual geek or less chic image into one fabulous and magnificent being. Through the magic of hair, wardrobe and make-up, she will be nearer to her dream self.

To ensure that the transformation will not just be superficial, make-over subjects will be having confidence-building exercises wherein they are to practice the new techniques they learned in socializing with the opposite sex. And to guarantee that the subjects will be using their newly-learned techniques, a device called a “zapper” will be placed on their arm. The said device releases an electric shock every time the subject will commit a wrong move.

The first episode of Plain Jane will be featuring Cristen, who admitted that she was a total disaster when it comes to fashion. She confessed that she has a crush on her friend for almost 6 years. So Roe and the team come to the rescue and will help Cristen get ready for the date with her guy. Plain Jane will be having its premiere tonight, 9pm at CW.


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