Poker Face Lyrics On Glee!

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Lady Gaga, an American performing artist, is known for her up-beat almost techno danceable songs and for her stylish costumes and stunning physique. She gives high energy performances on stage and on videos as well. This is the reason why Lady Gaga’s fans are just not over her yet and over her songs, there appears to be mimicking everywhere of her songs.

Add it all up when Glee, an American musical-comedy drama television series now on its third season airing at Fox channel, makes their own rendition of her songs. The said television series has received numerous awards in the musical comedic drama arena.

One of the songs is Poker Face which lyrics are not only famous but are exciting enough to make you listen to it all over again. This song was recorded by Rachel Berry and Shelby Corcoran for Glee Series Episode 20 titled “Theatricality” and the entire cast participated in this episode. Despite the amazing vocals, you’ll also be in awe because of the costumes. It was said that Lady Gaga’s team helped making the costumes.

On the show tonight the cast sung theatrically, the songs Bad Romance, Loser, Beth, Funny Girl Shout it out loud besides Poker Face. A Glee fanatic recorded the movie clip, check  it out.


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