Political photo parodies

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We received an information that a couple of hilarious and expertly “photoshopped” pictures are circling the internet and web mails. We took a look and boy, we really had a kick on them.

The 2010 Philippines elections is nearing and with just a couple of months left, politicians can be seen everywhere, from infomercials, paper and internet ads as well as blogsites. For a change, some creative individuals thought of portraying a number of celebrity-officials in a comic way.

We warn political extremist to veer away from this page as well as onion-skinned individuals. Political figures will always be under the limelight (and fire) all the time, so better be prepared.

Take a peek at these photo parodies of our favorite politicians.

1. Sen. Noynoy Aquino and Sen. Mar Roxas portrayed as the new dynamic duo in the recently held As 1 concert of Gary V. and Martin Nievera.

As 1 concert noynoy-mar

2. Twilight fanatics would surely love the new faces of Bella and Edward on this Chiz Escudero-Loren Legarda photo tandem.

twilight Chiz-loren

3. Who could forget the great actor Harrison Ford on his latest epic masterpiece Indiana Jones 4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? We are sure Vice-President Noli De Castro is a die-hard fan.

indiana jones Noli

4. The phenomenal Korea novela, Boys over flowers made its debut in the Philippines. Fans went WILD over the Korean F4. Will they be the same for this bunch?

boys over flowers boys over loren

5. The horror film Drag me to Hell became a sure box office hit. This photo parody of “Erap” and “Ping” will take you at the edge of your seats….. laughing.

Drag me to hell drag me to jail

For all graphic artists who created these “masterpieces”, we extend our utmost gratitude. Be proud of your talents and please, create more!:)


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