Pope Is Alright w/ Condom Use In “Some” Cases?

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Pope Benedict XVI has said that the use of condoms can be somewhat justified in the intention of preventing AIDS.

The said statement was published in The Vatican Newspaper last Saturday as an excerpt from the Pope’s new book called “Light of the World”.

The book consists of 219 pages which are generally made up of the Pope’s responses from an interview conducted by Peter Seewald, a German Catholic Journalist. The interview was held in the papal summer residence and lasted for over a month.

The Pope also added that his comment on condom is merely applied for AIDS prevention and not for birth control. He said that condoms have become a drug to people and that it has loosened the essence of sexuality as an expression of love.

However the Pope believes that in reducing the risk of AIDS and other sexual infection, the use of condom can be justified. He adds that it is just a first step towards finding a different way – a real and moral way.

But still the Catholic Church opposes the use of condoms as a method of birth control.

On the lighter side, it is good to hear Pope Benedict XVI’s comment on condom use against AIDS. Infection exempts no one and even moral ones. Even in just a simple needle prick, it can hit an innocent Catholic of moral faith. And with the Pope’s statement, this could mean that the Catholic Church is beginning to realize that in order for the world to become a better place, one needs to be open to new possibilities. And that certainly does include them.


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