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The Pregnancy Pact is a movie about teen pregnancy. There are many cases of teen pregnancies nowadays, and the numbers just keep rising. It is a sad reality, since most of these teens are too young and immature to raise a child and they end up going through abortion or adoption.

pregnancy pact

The Pregnancy Pact Lifetime Movie is a movie about teen pregnancy. There was an online journalist who decided to go back to her hometown to see what had happened when 18 girls got pregnant at the same time. Supposedly, they had made a “pregnancy pact” and decided to raise their children together.

The movie also shows things like pregnant teens drinking and smoking even while pregnant, showing some truth behind the matters. But this seems to be the only truth, seeing as there was no pact in the first place. There was a case where 18 girls got pregnant at the same time in a town, but it was by accident and they said that the movie company distorted the story to earn money.

Though, since there were no comments from the girls themselves, no one is completely sure about it. They always requested pregnancy tests and reacted happily to being told they were pregnant. So the truth to the movie is still foggy, but since even they didn’t know what happened exactly to the girls, it’s safe to say that they did add their own views into the film.


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