President Barack Obama To Be Interviewed By Ryan Seacrest: Questions From The Public

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It looks like President Barack Obama will do everything to get the votes of everyone, especially the youth, By even doing an interview with an unconventional host—Ryan Seacrest.

That’s right people! On the morning of Election Day, President Obama will be interviewed by “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest on his national radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” at 7:15 AM. The show has youth listeners—mostly teens and young adults—so it is really obvious the president is catering to them.

To give the listeners an interaction with the President, Ryan Seacrest posted a message on his Facebook page encouraging users to ask questions:

“I’m interviewing President Barack Obama and want to ask him YOUR question, political and otherwise”

As expected, a lot of users posted their questions consisting of serious and funny ones. Somebody named Bill Horosz asked about what “Is he doing to stimulate job growth in the state of Ohio. Tell him I’m a white collar skilled IT worker and have applied at 624 job applications and counting.” Others asked about his music preferences and Justin Bieber.

There are also some questions worth asking the President that, hopefully, will be asked by Seacrest:

  • Gary Ballinger: This year, Washington, DC began issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples making it one of 6 locations in the USA that have enacted marriage equality. As a resident of DC how has this specifically impacted your marriage to Michelle? How has it impacted your family? Why do you not support full marriage equality?
  • Mike Durkin: President Obama, Looking back at this campaign season, are you willing to acknowledge that this election cycle is not about the GOP or DEMs, but about American’s expressing their desire to run the government rather than having the government run America?
  • Cesar Cris: Mr. Obama, do you think it’s fair that the IRS collects tax from undocumented people but Comprehensive Immigration Reform has been left in the back burner for them? Do you think that these folks could help the country moving forwards obtaining a chance to work in jobs such in securing the border from drug smugglers, and contributing ideas such as new green technologies thanks to a proper education?

President Obama has been doing some campaigning recently in order to get voters to go to the polls on Election Day and vote for his party to take the house seats.

Seacrest is joining others such as MTV and Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show” in the list of unconventional interviews that the President has entertained, and so far, it doesn’t give good vibes from the people. Criticisms are all over Obama saying “he is giving more interviews than most Presidents, thus further cheapening his office in his desperation to drum up votes.”

This was countered by a campaign strategist saying he’s just “touching all the bases” and doing his best to get the votes of the youth. There are others saying that he is becoming more of a celebrity than a politician and should concentrate more on doing his job than doing interviews.

The President is quite busy before Election Day as he gets more support from people to vote for his party. Aside from the Seacrest interview, he’ll be doing phone calls and meetings to different organizations for last minute efforts to get support.

I was rather surprised with this interview with Rayn Seacrest as I have never seen any President do this. Maybe, yes, he is doing it to get the youth votes in his favor, but it is also giving him negative feedbacks. Somehow, the youth would have liked it if he showed them that he is doing his job as a President rather than showing up in TV and radio for interviews. I think he would be getting more votes this way.

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