President Barrack Obama follows Ambulance in Hawaii

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Many people were scared after U.S. President Barrack Obama was seen following an ambulance that was coming from their family’s Hawaii vacation home. Everyone was worried about his health and security, so seeing him in an ambulance was quite a shock, especially after the terrorist attack on the Northwest Airlines above Detroit.

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Thankfully, it turns out that no one in the presidential family is hurt. The ambulance was called to the vacation house to help out the son of President Obama’s golfing partner Eric Whitaker. The young boy fell and hurt his chin badly while playing on the beach and he needed stitches. The President stopped his golf game to follow the ambulance and provide support to his golf partner and his family.

The young boy was treated and is now fine, so the whole thing was just too much caution about a wound that could’ve easily been taken care of. After they finished the treatment, they returned to their previous activities and the President finished his golf game with his friend. Everyone went home safely and there is no reason to be worried about the President and his family at the moment. They will soon return to the White House after their vacation.


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