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It looks like every girl’s dream has been “shattered” as it was announced yesterday that Prince William is getting married.

After going out as a couple for nine years, Prince William and Kate Middleton are sealing their love with a ring as they announced their engagement to the public yesterday, a month after the prince proposed. The engagement ring that Kate was wearing on the announcement of their engagement previously belonged to Prince William’s mother, the late Princess Diana. It was the diamond-encrusted, sapphire engagement ring the princess wore when she and Prince Charles announced their engagement in 1981.

The Prince of Wales smuggled the ring in a rucksack in an African safari and almost guarded it with his own life. He said he chose his mother’s engagement ring because he wanted her to be included in the proposal and his excitement on it. And since it was a special heirloom, he knew he had to give it to Kate because she was “a very special person to me.”

“It was my way of making sure my mother didn’t miss out today, and the excitement and the fact that we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.” Prince William said in the interview.

The reason for the one-month gap before the engagement was for the couple’s intense desire for secrecy. The only person who knew beforehand was Kate’s father, Michael as Prince William had to ask his permission to for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Even Prince Charles and the Queen did not know about the engagement until at 7:30am yesterday, around two hours before the announcement—and it was only done through phone.

In terms of the proposal, Kate—who will be known now as Catherine—described it as “extremely romantic” and was quite surprised by it. The couple was vacationing in Lewa Downs wildlife conservancy and were staying on an open-air Masai lodge called Il Ngwesi. Prince William hired a helicopter to take them both to a remote lake on the slopes of Mount Kenya when he suddenly popped the question and proposed 12,000 feet above sea level. It was a proposal many girls dreamed of and something that Kate would never forget.

The wedding is set to take place around Mid-2011 at the St. Paul’s Cathedral or Westminster Abbey and is said to be the biggest royal event ever since Prince Charles and Princess Diana married 30 years ago. This also something that people are waiting to happen, as a royal aide says “There has been much talk about it being a frugal occasion and while they will keep an eye on the cost, they are aware this will be a state occasion and want people to share in their happiness.”

The couple plans to stay on an island in a house that is being rented for £750 per month for the first few years of their marriage until they decide where exactly do they want move permanently.

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