Rainbow Parties on Oprah Winfrey Show

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Rainbow parties are definitely for party people! This was revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show where parents and children were interviewed on the show. Now it’s one of those Oprah’s web sensation instigated facts.

It is a coming together of youngsters where the girls put on different colors of lipsticks and gives oral pleasure to different boys. Girls take turns simultaneously and come in contact with as many boys as there are in the party. This in turn results in the penises of the boys shaded with different colors of lipsticks, in which the name “rainbow” party evolved.

According to the show, perhaps it evolved in the year 2000. The concept is not so shocking compare to other teenager activities that involves experimentation with sex. It could have been a brain child of some perverted mind hungry for sex.

Whoever invented it was thinking about fun. But this might have alarmed everyone even if parents knew of this fact. There is a book about this topic that details consequences that may result by the so-called rainbow party. Throat cancer due to sexually transmitted diseases, rape of girls while being drunk, unwanted pregnancies and vaginal diseases can be hard consequences which teenagers may deal with.


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