Raising Sextuplets Season 2 On WEtv

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Reality shows are a fad nowadays and WEtv certainly catches up with the trend with its airing of the second season of Jenny and Bryan Masche’s reality TV show called ‘Raising Sextuplets’. The show follows the life of the Masche’s who just moved in from Arizona’s Lake Havasu to Santa Rosa Beach and their life’s challenge and drama of raising six children. So, exactly how is the everyday life of a couple with sextuplets to take care of?

Jenny and Bryan Masche’s life seems to have been tied to the number six with their six and a half years of married life and six children named Cole, Bailey, Grant, Molli, Savannah, and Blake. The toddlers celebrated their third birthday last month and the family was bombarded with six pairs of everything from gifts, food, and of course, birthday cakes. Bryan expressed that even though raising toddlers are hard, they do not see it as work since they have six fantastic kids which constantly shower them with love and joy.

A former American Idol contestant, Bryan is also proud to share that some of his kids inherited his blood of being a performer. The second season of ‘Raising Sextuplets’ premiered last Thursday on WEtv at 10 pm. Now fans of the Masches can enjoy watching eight new episodes of the show with the Grand Finale scheduled on the 12th of August.


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  1. Wendy says:

    I love this show. I liked Jon and Kate too in the beginning, but Kate's bossiness and emasculation of her husband made me one of the first to jump ship. The Mashe's are really just your ordinary next door neighbor,, and I like that. You dont see a couple living high off of thier T.V. earnings, just regular folk working, and living. One of the most important differences is the therapy sessions. Even though they are filmed, I think their thoughts and needs are real and worth exploring in order to sustain a marriage and raise thier kids together.
    Another important and refreshing difference is the fact that the Mache's WORK. Jon and Kate used to work, but thier fame addiction and tabloid stories ended that.
    I hope to see more of this show.

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