Remembering Aaliyah’s Death

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It has been nine years since the passing away of Aaliyah Dana Haughton, more popularly known as Aaliyah, due to a plane crash which left her family, friends and numerous fans in shock, pain and mourning.

Aaliyah’s career was still in its high peak when her life ended. The plane crash happened on August 25, 2001 in the Bahamas islands while she was on her way back after taping for her music video of the song “Rock the Boat.” She was just 22 when the accident happened.

While still alive, Aaliyah has released multi-platinum albums and she also tried a career in the silver screen as she starred in the hit vampire film “Queen of the Damned.” Her death was an unexpected one, since everyone thought that her career should have gone a long way. She left a wonderful legacy in the music industry and show business.

Her career did not stop along with her life though. Even after her death, her music and albums continued to be released and to sell. As of now, her album sales are approximated to reach between 24 and 32 million copies throughout the world.

Her fabulous style in fashion and music is still being adopted until now, and this is most apparent in her colleagues in the music industry such as Missy Elliot who undeniably declares her admiration to the late artist.

Aaliyah’s legacy is sure to continue on, and she will be always remembered as one of the greatest artists who walked this earth.


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