Remembering Actress Sarah Bernhardt

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Has anyone heard the name Sarah Bernhardt before? Who is she, really?

Sarah Bernhardt was a renowned actress in the theatrical arts during the late 19th century. Born in France on October 23, 1844, she spent her early years in Paris with her courtesan mother, Julie Bernardt. Sarah later on left her mother and went to a convent at the outskirts of the city to become a nun. Failing to become a nun, she entered the Conservatoire, a French acting school, at the age of thirteen under the patronage of one of her mother’s lovers.

She pursued an acting career starting to act first at the Comedie – Fracaise, the national theatre company of France. Later, she left the company because of a personal dispute with a veteran actress and moved to Theatre du Gymnase-Dramatique.

In 1866, she signed into yet another theatrical company, the Odeon Theatre. During her stay with the theater company, she earned her reputation as a serious and versatile actress. By 1870, she is well known as the “Divine Sarah” the most sought at dramatic actress in Europe and the Americas.

In 1900, she acted in a silent movie titled Le Duel d’Hamlet. This was her first appearance on film, which during that time was still at its early stages as an industry. She ended filming ten silent movies, two of them biopics about her life.

Bernhardt injured her right knee while performing on stage in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1905. Complications within the injured knee would later cause her leg to contract gangrene. In 1915 her right leg was amputated. Yet still she continued acting.

She died of old age in March 26, 1923. She was seventy-eight. Her remarkable career as an actress spanned more than sixty years. She inspired national pride in France and admiration from the rest of the world during her lifetime. In her funeral in 1923 in Paris, France, more than five hundred thousand people attended it. Later, Hollywood paid tribute to her by putting her star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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