Republicans and Democrats Face-off In Facebook and Twitter?

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In a bid to get ahead before the next elections on November the Republicans and Democrats are now using social networking sites – Twitter and Facebook – to gather supporters for their senatorial campaign. The basis used was the overall number of fans for each political party that is linked to each of the senatorial candidates’ campaign profiles on both sites.

Headcount, a non-governmental organization who did the study, found out that Republicans are way ahead in terms of support from both social networking sites. The ratio of fan support for each political party given for Facebook was four is to one with the Republicans amassing a nearly 1,430,000 fans to the Democrats measly 300,000. The Twitter tally was a ratio of five is to one, with the Republicans still ahead having 520,000 fans to the Democrats’ 90,000.

The analysts from Headcount speculate that the numbers could mean that Republican supporters are more enthusiastic and serious about the incoming election than the Democrats. Nevertheless, to turn this number of support to actual votes is another matter. Democrats are optimistic that the numbers will change in their favor once the election draws near.

The Republicans have been campaigning for support through both social media sites by advertising a lot while the Democrats are still in the process of doing so. The most coveted prizes are the thirty-seven seats going to be vacated by incumbent senators come November.


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