Retinoblastoma Eye Cancer Details

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Retinoblastoma is a cancer or tumor that appears in the retina. It may be in a heritable form which affects both eyes and non-heritable form which only infects one eye. The known cause of this eye cancer is genetically derived or is acquired from birth. This condition usually appears in children 5 years and below. They hardly appear in adults.

Some victims of this do not show signs and symptoms outright. However, they may be noticed when a picture of a child is taken using flash photography. The affected eye looks white in a picture. And some children may have a squint or a painful red eye if the tumor is already wide-spread.

A three-year-old child named Ewan Boarder was experiencing the said condition, but this was not known until her grandmother Beverly Warner, now 61, studied photographs of the child. She said that she remembered reading about a child with cancer who had the same shadow in a photograph so he warned the child’s parents.

Ewan was referred to the local hospital and retinoblastoma was diagnosed. He lost an eye but survived the disease. Among the treatment methods used are Cryotherapy, Laser therapy, Plaque, Thermotherapy and for larger tumors – Chemotherapy, Surgery and Radiotherapy.


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