Roman Conaway Arrested For Threatening To Kill U.S. President Obama

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Roman Conaway, a 50-year old Army veteran was arrested for threatening to kill United States President Barack Obama. The threat was supposed to be part of his plan to start a war between Christians and Muslims and begin an “apocalypse,” according to reports from authorities.

Conaway was arrested in his residence after a stand-off that lasted seven hours when he finally surrendered early Wednesday. He was insisting that the belt he was wearing actually packs explosives as well as three storage containers found in his Fairview Heights property. But the FBI said that the belt only had static putty-like content, like those molding clays commonly used by children as toys, which were made to look like real explosives. The material had wires on it, connected to a curling iron that was supposed to be the detonator device, according to Conaway. The storage containers, on the other hand, didn’t contain anything dangerous.

Conaway’s wife confessed that her husband had been under extreme frustration and stress since their grandchildren were taken away by the father who had regained custody of the kids. It was also reported that Conaway’s own daughter has got a protection order against her father valid for two years because he threatened to kill her as well.


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