Running Wilde Pilot Episode Update

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Last night, new Fox TV series “Running Wilde” aired its first ever episode. The comedy show is one of the most waited for this season , not to mention, it stars several actors that have claimed their marks in the comedy industry such as Will Arnett, (who gained popularity for his role in the TV show “Arrested Development”).

The show’s writers are, of course, hoping that the show will gain enough popularity and success for it to have a long airing life, but the pilot episode didn’t seem to prove itself that much. As for Arnett, he sure did a great job in last night’s episode, given his natural comedic talent, but it’s still not enough to tickle viewers down the couch. For the record, this is his first to take on a leading role. His side character in Arrested Development may have landed him the title of being one of the funniest men on TV, but this new character may prove to be quite a challenge.

Arnett plays the character of Steven Wilde, a rich man with the mind like that of a child. Being a son of a rich oil company owner, he was so taken care of to the extent that he didn’t learn how to act as a grown man.


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