Salvador Cabanas Shot And Critical | News

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Salvador Cabanas Ortega is a 29 year old soccer player from Paraguay who is on the Club America of the Primera Division de Mexico in Paraguay. He is one of the best strikers nowadays, and he is great at heading, shooting, and is altogether an excellent football player. Many different teams are planning to get Cabanas on their team to play and be paid higher, so his future is looking good.

salvador cabanas

Despite his great skill and potential, Salvador Cabanas got into an incident recently. At around 5:30 in the afternoon, Cabanas got into a fight at a bar, and in the end they had a shoot out in the bathroom. He was then sent to the hospital through an ambulance. His condition is not yet known, but reports say that he is in critical condition and that he needs to fight hard to live on.

Two people were arrested after the shooting, but there names are not yet known. All his fans and potential future coaches and teammates are hoping for a swift and complete recovery for this young man. Hopefully, he will continue on and get back up after this ordeal so that he may live his life and do what he does best.


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