San Diego Earthquake today is a Sonic Boom! | News update

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Today, many residents of San Diego reported having felt an earthquake and hearing a loud noise. Many people called 911 at 4pm this afternoon, reporting the noise. Considering how many earthquakes happen in San Diego, it wasn’t at all surprising. But of course, the government wanted to investigate it so that they could get everyone prepared in case it was a high magnitude earthquake. Everyone was worried and confused, until seismologists investigated and found that there was never an earthquake at all.

San Diego Earthquake

People speculated that if it was not an earthquake, then it was a large explosion. But the spokesperson for the fire department in San Diego, Maurice Luque, says that there was no explosion. The military says that there were no exercises or drills happening in San Diego at that time, either. Robert Dollar, a USGS seismologist, says that the noise was not an earthquake but rather a sonic boom. Sonic booms are sometimes caused by high speed aircrafts, and this was most likely the reason for the “earthquake”.

Records also show that the same thing happened in 2006, when a sonic boom caused people to believe that there had been an earthquake near California. Thankfully, there were no injuries in either incident.


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