Santa NORAD Tracker Back for 2009, Find Where Santa Claus is | Video

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Do you want to know where Santa Claus is right now? Well now you can find out! How you ask? With the Santa NORAD Tracker! Now no matter where Santa is in the world, whether it’s all the way in China or maybe even Spain, you can watch him and wait until he shows up where you live. You can also watch where Santa is right now, and what he’s doing in that country. Want to know if Santa’s already been to your country or if he’s still coming?

Santa Claus Tracker

If you go to the site you can find out where Santa is now, and when he will be going to where you are. There is also a countdown feature where you can count down when Santa is coming to where you live. In the site, there are also songs and videos for you to listen to and watch. You can also use Google Earth to watch where Santa is! As long as you’ve downloaded the program before, you can track Santa down. You can also watch videos of where Santa has been if he’s already dropped by your area.

This program allows children to learn about the different places around the world and their time zones. It also allows them to see what the world looks like and gives them an idea of how big it is and everyone around them. So don’t miss out on watching Santa spread the Christmas cheer and check out the Official Santa Norad Tracker 2009!

See this video demonstration how this works!


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