Sarah Foxwell found dead in Maryland | photos and news update

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sarah foxwell photo Young Sarah Foxwell had been missing since Wednesday, and police were searching for her everywhere, and they have finally found her body. On Christmas Day 2009 at around 4:30pm, police reports state that the body of Sarah Foxwell, an 11 year old girl, was found. Their search team found her body near the border between Maryland and Delaware.

The search involved almost 3,000 volunteers and they spent their Christmas searching for Sarah. They say that she was kidnapped by Thomas J. Leggs Jr., a 30 year old man, and he was arrested and charged with burglary and kidnapping earlier in the week.

He was seen by Sarah Foxwell’s six year old sister. As she described Leggs’ clothes in detail including the color of his jeans, sneakers, and jacket and they found him wearing the exact same thing when they arrested him. Leggs was a former boyfriend of the girl’s aunt, who was her legal guardian and whose house she was last seen in.

Thomas J. Leggs Jr. is a registered sex offender in both Maryland and Delaware, and has not cooperated with the police since they started their investigation. His crimes were not listed despite being registered as a sex offender.


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