Sarah Palin forced Daughter Bristol To Join Dancing With The Stars?

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Bristol Palin may have placed third place in the dancing competition “Dancing With The Stars”, but this does not mean that there was nothing to it. In fact, being in DWTS could be forced.

This is according to a blog post by former “Dancing” contestant, Margaret Cho this week. According to her post, she heard from a source who should really know about this that Bristol only joined DWTS because her mother, Sarah Palin, forced her to do it.

It turns out since Bristol suddenly got pregnant before, Sarah blames her daughter very harshly for losing the American elections, and told Bristol that she “owed” her something for that. So, Sarah told her to join DWTS so that “America would fall in love with her again”, thus making Sarah able to run again for the 2012 elections and America would be behind her all over again. In other words, it was all just act…all for the love of politics.

And it does not end there as, if it really was an act, Sarah played through it all the way into the end. She cheered on her daughter and her partner Mark Ballas all the way by regularly tweeting her support and even dropped by the studio to personally cheer them on. For Cho, it was all planned and it could be the producers didn’t know it.

True enough, Sarah got her wish. Bristol made it to third place, garnered record ratings for the show, and proved to the public that she indeed can make it to the finale.

This is what Cho writes about everything in her blog: “Instead of being supposedly ‘handicapped’ by the presence of her teen mom daughter, now Bristol is going to be an ‘asset’ – a celebrity beloved for her dancing,”

She also added that even though people were saying that she and Bristol against each other, Cho blogged that they got long with each other very well. She may not like Bristol’s family’s politics, but the teenage mom is a nice person who is very supportive and very great and beautiful on the dance floor.

Now we can see what people would do to win in an election, like what Sarah is doing bu using her daughter to get the love of America again. And I know there are other politicians out there who use their family for politics sake. I guess this is how politicians are, and it’s sad that, if in case the report is true, Sarah will use her daughter just so she would win in the 2012 elections. This is worse than abusing a child.

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