See You At The Pole 21st Anniversary Update

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More than 30 million students gather today, September 22, 2010 at 7 a.m. local time around their school’s flag poles to pray for their friends, families, relatives, teachers, classmates and schoolmates. The students will also pray to God to bring down spiritual and moral enlightenment to all people.

“See You at the Pole” or SYATP is celebrating its 21st year today. It first happened in Burleson, Texas 20 years ago. Today, it happens along with the 2010 Global Day of Student Prayer.

This event is a yearly congregation for mass and public prayer that is organized and arranged by Protestant public school students and administrators. Since the year 2006, it is being held every third Wednesday of the month of September.

Church assemblies throughout the country gave support through sponsoring special events such as “Campus Challenge Sunday,” which is a commissioning service before the main event.

Some of the people whom the students will pray for are their co-students that are planning and leading their school’s SYATP and the non-Christian students who will witness their prayer vigil. The students will also pray that the Christian students in their school make the most out of the prayer opportunity (and other things that they wish for themselves) for the people and the world around them.


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