Serena Williams penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct

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Today, you probably heard the action taken by Tennis authorities on Serena Williams’ unsportsmanlike actions yesterday evening during the US Open Semifinal Rounds against Kim Clijsters. Williams was asked to pay a total of US$10,500 for verbally insulting the line judge and wanton smashing of her Tennis racket. Also, her money purse worth US$350,000 could be forfeited by the Grand Slam Committee. A pricey fine for making such scene.

That’s not all

But that isn’t all there is to it. There is also a large possibility for S. Williams to be banned on future Slam titles starting with Australian Open 2010, should the Committee decides. Williams on her statement admitted that she is not good in handling her emotions while at court,

“Now that I have had time to gain my composure, I can see that while I don’t agree with the unfair line call, in the heat of battle I let my passion and emotion get the better of me and as a result handled the situation poorly.”

The committee allowed both Serena and Venus to play the Women’s Double Finals tomorrow. We wish Serena the best of luck and We hope she learned her lesson.

September 13 (Sunday)

Serena Williams, a 3-time US Open Champion and defending champion, suffered a bitter lost in the semi final rounds of Women’s Singles against Kim Clijsters (Belgium). Serena lost the first set (6-4)– the first out of 13 matches she played in the tournament. Clijsters’ sharp corner shots kept Serena at bay, forcing Williams to commit 31 unforced errors versus 18 from Clijsters.


On 3 separate occasions in the course of the match, Williams committed 3 offenses that eventually cost her the US Open title.

Offense # 1: Smashing of Racket

offense 1

After committing a fault at the end of the first set, Williams intentionally smashed her Tennis racket to the ground. Feeling discontented, She smashed it again with 1000 “gorilla” force (like making a slam dunk) and torn the poor Wilson Tennis racket.

Offense # 2: Foot fault

foot fault

It happened on the 2nd set, Clijsters ahead at score 30-15 (Set score at 5-4, in favor of Clijsters). Serena was serving when accidentally or intentionally ( we could only speculate at the moment) her left foot hovered over the serving line. The lineman sitting across the service line called a “foot fault”. This gave Williams a “Double fault” and Clijsters a 40-15 edge over Williams.

The angry Williams reacted quite harshly towards the call and walked to the line judge causing her 3rd offense.

Offense #3: Threatening the line judge

offense 3

Serena Williams pointed her racket and with her sweaty, massive arms, she waived at the line judge, who happened to be 1/2 of her size. The poor lady lineman ran to the umpire, fearing for her dear life. The lineman revealed that she felt threaten on Williams’ harsh words and stance. (Who would not? seeing a massive figure like that).

Watch the video clip near the end of the match.

I don’t think she quitted, but lost the match due to penalty points. Also, what she did was clearly a technical insult on a US Open official.

The verdict

US Open representatives rushed to the court area and unanimously agreed to give Serena another penalty point on the grounds of “threatening” the lady lineman. After the verdict,  Williams walk over and shook the hand of the similarly surprised Clijsters. As she was leaving, the crowd’s reactions were a mix of cheers and jeers.

The penalty points were just enough to guarantee Kim Clijsters the 2nd set victory and the Semi final match. She will face Caroline Wozniacki of Denmark on the Women’s Single’s Final round after Wozniacki won over Wickmayer on score (6-3, 6-3).

Klijsters 2 Wozniacki 2

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