Sergio Vega’s Murder Story Update

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Sergio Vega is José Sergio Vega Cuamea who was born in 1969. He was a Mexican banda singer who migrated in the United States in the 1980’s. Together with his brothers, they formed a group called Los Hermanos Vega. In 1994, he left the group, formed another one and called it Los Rayos del Norte. After three years he changed their name to Sergio Vega y Sus Shaka’s Del Norte which held up its name to the present.

He was rumored to have been dead. But in an interview, he was quoted saying that those rumors were false. He also added such rumors were harmful to his mother who suffers from a heart ailment. Vega said this same rumor had haunted him in the past.

But to everyone’s amazement, hours after giving such statement, he was murdered. Details of his killers were unknown, but it was said that he was driving on U.S.- Mexico Highway 15 when his red Cadillac was shot 30 times. Reports also said he had just made his way through the toll booth at San Miguel and had only gotten about 10 yards from the toll booth when shooters emerged and open fired into his vehicle. It is presumed that his killers were gang members.


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