Sergio Vega: Mexican Band Singer Died

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Sergio Vega is a well known Mexican band singer. It was in 1989 while he is in Phoenix, Arizona the he and his brothers formed a band known by the name Los Hermanos Vega and had signed with Joey Records.

The band was able to made several hits such as Corazón de Oropel and El Rayo de Sinaloa and other blockbusters.  They performed best in the Mexican banda and in Banda music.  The band indeed was able to have their way to success but the group faced problems and misunderstandings that they got separated.

However, the group was making efforts to revive the band by working on an album and to start once again performing. But it was now that a tragedy struck them, Sergio Vega, their lead vocalist had died today, June 27, 2010. Details about his death are not yet released in the public. Police authorities are now working on the case and investigations are being made.

Sergio Vega was born on September 12, 1969 in Hornos, Sonora, located near Ciudad Obregón, and is the eighth of thirteenth children. It was such a lost for the music industry since Sergio was known to be a very lively and charming person. He was also very humble and a down to earth person.


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