O’Neal Challenged Justin Bieber in Shaq Vs.

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Justin Bieber performed on ABC as Shaquille O’Neal’s guest in Shaq Vs. Season 2 in its finale night last Tuesday in Florida. O’Neal challenged the young singer into dancing, staying underwater, bowling and basketball.

On the dance showdown, O’Neal danced with Bieber and his dancers. Prior to their showdown, O’Neal had practiced how to be a pop star undergoing dance rehearsals and exercises, singing and reciting lyrics, and even signing autographs of fans in chaos. On their basketball challenge, the two had a one-on-one game in O’Neal’s private basketball court. The 7-footer basketball star was defeated by the 16-year-old pop sensation.

Besides Bieber, another challenger was ABC’s TV host ad comedian Jimmy Kimmel. The two take on a joke monologue challenge. It turned out that their jokes was about each other. O’Neal said that the only time that Kimmel runs is when he hears the ice cream truck tune. Kimmel backed saying, “Shaq’s last album went aluminum.” And further he adds, “You may know Shaq is a reserve police officer. Why would they give a gun to someone who can’t hit anything he shoots?” In the end, the audience voted Kimmel as the winner.

Shaq Vs. culminated with Justine Bieber and Shaquille O’Neal on stage performing a finale before a screaming crowd in Orlando, Florida.



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