Similac Recall: Abbott Recalls Infant Formula for Beetle Contaminants?

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Abbot Laboratories, the pharmaceutical health care company, has recalled about five million containers of its top selling infant formula, Similac. The move came after the discovery of a quality breakdown in one of its Similac manufacturing facilities in Sturgis, Michigan. Apparently, an insect, reported to be a common beetle, was found in one of the manufacturing facility’s production area. The facility is now under investigation.

Although the Food and Drug Administration reports that contamination is at minimal, it deemed that the consumption of the insect parts poses a threat to an infant’s digestive system and might risk the health of the child. Abbot warns the public to check the lot numbers, which is on the bottom of the containers, and report it online to the Similac website in order to determine if their product is a part of the recall and will give refund to products included in their recalling list.

Similac products that are to be recalled come in the 8 oz., 12.4 oz., 12.9 oz. cans, and all plastic containers. Liquid formulas are excluded in the list. Affected areas will include the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Carribean.

Infant formula is the largest segment of the baby food market with Abbot Laboratories controlling thirty-five percent share of the market with infant formula product brands like Similac, Alimentum, EleCare and Isomil.

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