Simon Moonjack dead: Brittany Murphy husband died!

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In Hollywood, Simon Moonjack, Brittany’s husband was found dead last Sunday night by no other than Brittany’s mom, Sharon, when she discovered Simon’s body unresponsive. Meds say the preliminary cause of death was natural causes, but investigators reserve doubts as to the cause of death by remaining on the scene searching for further evidences.

According to Moonjack’s mother, Linda Moonjack, Simon is relatively unwell and was seeing his doctors. This fact was already known to the press. He has been suffering heart trouble but was refusing to have a heart bypass saying the bypass can wait. Because of putting off the surgery and due to the stress of his wife’s death, Simon had a mild heart attack.

Brittany Murphy, Simon’s wife, died five months ago at the age of 32 due to pneumonia, a low blood count and drug overdose. Doctors say this could have been prevented provided Brittany Murphy saw a doctor instead of self-medicating herself. However, Moonjack maintains his stand that his wife has been seeing a doctor and that he took good care of her. She was on antibiotics and has been taking cough medicines.

But despite Moonjack’s assurance of Brittany’s health in January, she died. The couple were married in 2007 and until Brittany’s death bore no child.


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