Siobhan Magnus Eliminated From American Idol

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The top 6 finalists of this season’s American Idol had already come this far, yet for yesterday’s episode, still an unlucky one was slashed from the lists.

The finalists made their own rendition of Shania Twain’s hits. Sitting in the audience watching their performance is the very own Shania Twains, another added pressure and nervousness to the contestants. However, even if the original hit maker was watching them, they still didn’t mess up and was excellent through out the show.

Belonging to the bottom 3 of last night’s episode were Michael Lynch, Casey James and Siobhan Magnus, and unfortunately the one which didn’t amaze the judges was Siobhan Magnus with her performance of Any Man of Mine.

No harsh criticisms from the judges were received by the contestants however Magnus’ performance really didn’t t satisfy the jurors. She might have the attitude, energy and voice to really make it to the top, but the place might not really belong to her.

The 19 year old, Siobhan Magnus is an American Songwriter from Marston Mills, Massachusetts. She was the 6th placer in the 9th season of American Idol. Looks like American Idol is not really for her.

Next Week the remaining 5 finalists will be doing Frank Sinatra’s songs with the help of their mentor Harry Connick Jr.


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