Skype is Down!

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Businesses, work and personal chats were cut short all over the world this morning as millions of users were not able to use Skype.

Skype suddenly had technical problems on Wednesday when it users all over the world could not access their accounts and were pissed off as chats and calls were cut off. There were other users who were able to sign on, but cannot see their contacts.

According to their Twitter account, their engineers and site operations are investigating the problem and apologize to the users for the disruption of their conversations.
A lot of Twitter users who uses Skype tweeted their frustrations saying it went down just when she was in the middle of a conversation

After a few hours of coming out with this tweet, a statement was issued in the Skype blog saying that Skype relies on a lot of individual connections between computers and phones to keep everything running. These computers are called supernodes that act as phone directories for Skype and are used whenever your Skype application can’t find the person you want to talk to. The surpernode needs to be found in order to see how Skype could reach that person.

Usually, there are a lot of supernodes, but it turned out almost all of them went offline and resulted to Skype going down. Engineers are rebuilding these supernodes, which may take a few more hours.

Skype was founded in 2003 as a way for users all over the world to chat, call and have video conversations with their friends and loved ones using the Internet.


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