Smallville Season 10 Episode 2: Free Download and Torrent

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Watch Smallville S10E02

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Just before the beginning of this season’s premiere, leaks are already being spread across the net, that the second episode will be name “Shield” and expect its release date to be on October 1 (USA). As usual, download links will be available a couple of hours after airing it.


See Clark getting entangled on a dangerous game as he tries to protect Lois’s new replacement for her job at the Daily Planet, little did he know, that this woman is the target of a new foe named “deadshot”. On the other side, Lois is being introduced by Hawkeye to his wife (Shayera) while she’s on a trip to Egypt.

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  1. kieran says:

    wheres the link?

  2. kieran says:

    oh yeah sorry should of read the description it will be on after a fe hours of it being aired

  3. nyaanyun says:

    today is oct 2…where is the link?

  4. luke says:

    good video

  5. mal says:

    are we able to get compressed files mkv comes out with 1gig files

  6. tiff says:

    the link is not working for me is it not a avi. file not sure why the mkv wont work

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