Sonic Boom: A “Booming” Surprise For Seattle Residents!

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Residents of Seattle were shaken by a sudden big bang, which has happened on the 17th of August and was initially thought to be an explosion or something.

This incident has definitely created a buzz and had brought the residents to rush to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to share what they have just heard and give out their theory on what it could possibly be.

Turns out to be, these bangs were actually sonic booms that came from two F-15 jets which were launched all the way from the 142nd Air National Guard that is based in Portland. But, contrary to what others believe, this wasn’t a drill or a show; the jets were actually dispatched to go on a real mission. This mission is to track down an aircraft that is within a no-fly area in Seattle, and has obviously broken the no-fly rules within Seattle.

As soon as the aircraft has landed at Seattle, particularly Kenmore Air Harbor, the pilot has been totally embarrassed by the fact that he has unintentionally violated a temporary airspace restriction and landed at the suburbs of Seattle. To add to that, the pilot was not even aware that they have been followed and tracked down regarding the no-fly rule. They only discovered it as soon as they have touched down the runway.

The sonic boom had caused the lines of 911 to be flooded, causing it to collapse in some parts of Pierce County.


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