Sons of Sylvia On American Idol

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It was an amazing performance from a starting to shine again band, Sons of Sylvia. The charming members of the band Ashley, Austin and Adam Clark had made the audience wow with their performance of Love left to Lose at the American Idol Elimination episode last night after being introduced by the show’s well known winner, Carrie Underwood.

The band known before as Clark Brothers won the first and only season of Idol spinoff “The next Generation of American Band”. A year ago, they were introduced again in a new name- Sons of Sylvia. The charming brothers wanted to have a fresh start with a fresh sound. Sylvia came from their real life mother’s first name, making their mother really thrilled.

The American Country Music trio released their debut album Revelation last April 27, 2010 featuring the single Love left to Lose, the song they performed in the last episode of American Idol.

After their performance in the American Idol, they will be featured on Carrie Underwood’s tour in the U.S which is expected to last until December.

The brothers are all excited on what’s happening with their career, and for them, they will continue to shine.


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