Sony EyePet For PSP: Features, Price and Release Date

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If you liked Tamagochi in the 90s and still want to get the feel of virtual pets, anytime, anywhere, well your wish is about to come true. Now you can experience the thrill of having virtual pets in your own handheld device—PSP. And this time, get the feel of it for real.

Sony has announced their release of the EyePet for PSP where you can play and interact with your virtual pet and bring it to life. This is possible with a camera and Magic Card included in the EyePet for PSP bundle. By laying the Magic Card and pointing the PSP to it, you are now able to do almost anything with your pet, from playing to feeding to bathing.

First, you have to adopt a pet in the Pet Center at the start of the game and wait for it hatch and grow up. While on the process of growing up, you can interact with it through doing actions. One of the greatest features of this game is the gremlin-like creature is aware of its environment and reacts to it accordingly. One example given by Sony is if you throw a ball in front of it, the game will read this action, interpret it, and the pet will respond by moving aside in order to avoid the ball. It will react to the player’s sounds and actions, plus it can also play with you with different games.

Another feature that is so interesting is you can draw balloons or airplanes or anything that comes to mind, and the game will transform it into three-dimensional objects that your pet can play with. You can also use the built-in microphone that comes in the camera to actually interact with your pet. And, what’s the use of the camera if you can’t take pictures with it? Of course you can take pictures and store it in the Pet Carrier for photo memories of your virtual best friend.

You can also customize the pet by purchasing some clothes and accessories and dressing it up to the nines. You can pick a color for its fur or find a shape that will look good on him. And just like any pet, always remember to check his health and see if he needs to be fed or pampered with in order to know that you care about him.

This game is good for kids who love adorable creatures to play with. According to Scott A. Steinberg, VP for Product Marketing of SCEA:

EyePet for PSP is perfect for kids and we are excited to add this handheld camera-based PSP game to our robust software library. EyePet truly demonstrates PlayStation®’s innovation in augmented reality gaming by the way players use the new camera to interact with their virtual pet in the real-world environment.

The EyePet for PSP is available in UMD and comes with a camera and a Magic Card that is compatible with PSP 1000/2000/30000. Unfortunately, this will not be available for PSP Go. It will be released on November 2, 2010 and the price is set at $39.99 and will be available in stores nationwide. Check out the trailer below.


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