South Park 201st Episode Controversial?

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South Park is one of the most viewed TV shows however, is also one of the most criticized animation shows. The show’s latest episode was its 16th episode in the 14th season or the 201st episode had received series of comments and bad reactions from religious viewers particulary Muslims.

The said episode had been tagged as the Mohammed Censored on Comedy Central. It includes the Islamic Prophet Muhammed whio was dressed in a bear costume. Although the prophet was not made fun or insulted it was still not good in the eyes of some viewewrs and was in fact prohibited.

Muhammed in a bear outfit was shown giving advice to other public figures about how not to be insulted or offended by other people.

The 200th episode of the said show also included Muhammed, with this producers were then bombarded with reactions, comments and threats by many angry viewers. They eventually decided to censor the prophet’s face and name on the next episode.  Some viewers were disappointed with the actions taken by the creators of South Park.

The said show does not only depicted Muhammed, Jesse, Moses but also other religious figures.

Although the creators were not able to ridicule or insult Muhammed still using the prophet as an item in this kind of show is already an insult considering the fact the he is esteemed on highest level by Muslims.


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  1. Anon says:

    Message to muslim extremists Youtube video

    Operation Islamichan
    It’s on: “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” set for May 20th

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

    Let Comedy Central know how you feel about them wimping out and giving in to terrorists. Use Subject :"South Park 201"

    Let them know we will NOT support such hypocrisy as to show Buddha doing coke, Jesus watching porn, BUT not even allowing the WORD Mohamed let alone an image.

  2. Rob says:

    If you actually read the news you would see that the show's creators didn't censor it, it was the network, the show's creators were angry because of it, but the network caved into pressure from a muslim's blog post that said somebody might react with violence, there was no actual threat made.

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