Stacey Castor Murder Story At ABC

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The famous Stacey Castor, a known murderer and named as the Black Widow, and her 2009 conviction will be seen again on ABC Friday from 9 to 11 pm. Her story was first known in April 2009. The show’s producer, Jon Myerson said that the rebroadcast will show brief update at the end.

It was in the year 2007 when Castor was charged with second degree murder and murder attempt. She had murdered his husband through poisoning with antifreeze and had attempted to kill her own daughter. She was also charged for giving false statements which generally falls into first degree crime. Also, police authorities considered the side of her attempting the murder of her first husband, Michael Wallace.

Castor’s lawyer had filed a motion in March claiming that her interview with the police which led to her conviction should not be considered because it is a known fact that she had a lawyer that time, making the information from the interview not allowed. However, there is still no date for the motion of this appeal in court.

Stacey Castor is currently in a New York State prison serving her life sentence of 51 1/3 year. Although already convicted and is staying in jail, she still strongly say that she is innocent and has nothing to do with the death of her husband.


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