Star Jones undergoes heart surgery

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Star Jones undergoes heart surgery just recently according to reports. One representative for the television personality tells the Press that last Wednesday, March 17th, a pre-planned cardiac surgery was performed on Star Jones.

Surgery needs to be done to correct a thoracic tumor. Star developed a thoracic tumor 30 years ago and had surgery to correct it then.

Her publicist said that the good news, Jones is now recovering after undergoing cardiac heart surgery yesterday. Her publicist added that she is resting comfortably and is in good spirits.

Star has issued a few tweets in her Twitter Account before the surgery. She extends gratitude to people for all the good wishes and prayers.  She even joked around saying how chips could taste like a steak.

Star even made a tweet how she imagines trying to recover from a surgery without healthcare. She said that those who voted against it need to hand their heads in shame.

This recent surgery is a follow-up to the thoracic surgery she had 30 years ago. The procedure was successful and she is recovering well with her family. Star Jones is grateful for everyone’s thoughts and prayers, the representative concludes.


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