A “Head Start” With Star Trek Online Game

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Cryptic’s newest online game Star Trek Online (nicknamed STO) has will officially launch on February 2nd, Tuesday. But as of just January 29th, Friday, the Headstart Weekend special has already begun. This means that people who pre-ordered Star Trek Online can start playing prior to the launch date. The said special will also be the Trekkie gamers’ last opportunity to access a number of grand and exclusive other pre-order items including the Original Series Enterprise, a limited edition Borg Bridge Officer, and many more.

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Placing a pre-order for STO also gives players a chance to take advantage of the limited-time promotional offer of lifetime membership. By paying just $239.99 players can enjoy STO forever without any monthly fee. That is still a hefty price for an online video game.

After STO’s launch, its developer is completely prepared for the game’s support with continuous patches, updates, and all-new content, including The Borg.

3 new high-level STO Episodes revolve around Alpha Quadrant’s classic menace, the Borg. Adding to the compelling script is a brand new game arc, the Borg-themed arc of Deep Space Encounter. Have a look at the exploration content within the Borg pack as well.

There are more great additional features panned out for Star Trek Online. Be challenged in the bold storytelling and tough five-man missions of the Raid Episodes coming one week after STO’s launch. Raid Episodes will be available to traditional Federation gamers and thrill-seeking Klingon players.


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