Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez: Good or Bad Idol Judges?

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It seems that Simon Cowell is not missed at all! The new breed of judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez added a fresh twist in the 10th season of the American Idol.

The new judges have proven that the show will still be doing well despite rumors that it will be on a decline after the loss of Simon Cowell. Before the show has started, the show has been predicted to be on a sinking boat. But it’s not what turned out; instead, the rise of Tyler in replacement of Simon has created a new impression on the judges’ panel. Now, it doesn’t have to have the ‘mean Simon.’ Critics have made positive reviews after the initial airing of the ‘Idol.’

With Tyler at the panel of judges, the ‘Idol’ has not much tension with a ‘merciless’ judge like Simon. To compare the two, Tyler is the exact opposite of Simon with his wacky antics that has brought in a more wholesome and light approach in his comments.

The show is still the entertaining ‘idol’ search with a mild attack, less troubles! Viewers are expecting a lot from the new breed of judges including with the comeback of long resident judge Randy Jackson who solely retained his post as an ‘Idol’ judge.

Fans should watch out for more when the show comes live. Will it continue to show the good camaraderie among the 3 judges as it gets live or was it just the product of great editing?


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