Stores Open on Christmas Day 2009 | Merry Christmas to All!

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There was a time when going out on Christmas day meant going to church and eating in a park or at a friend’s place. But now in the modern times, we have more choices and more Stores are open even on Christmas day! One of the reasons why is because stores have decided that staying open on Christmas day means more shoppers loaded with Christmas money.

Christmas Stores

This Christmas 2009, several stores have decided to stay open such as Best Buy, Sears, Target, Home Depot, and many retail stores in malls. All of these stores are sure to get lots of income from last minute shoppers, people with spending money and everyone who wants to take advantage of the great deals that are usually available this season.

Although most people might think that those working on this day are going to be miserable and pitiful, they still get some out of all of this. Since it is Christmas day, people usually tip more and so those on duty get a little more money as well. So if you want to go out and have a meal at a restaurant and burn some of that holiday cash with your family, then you have a lot of places to choose from.


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