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Tonight, live at Staples Center boxing fans are awaiting the main event. The fight is between Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora. There are many pro-Latino fans cheering on Mora. Before the main event two other Mexican boxers had just won their fights.

Finally it was time for Mosley and Mora to enter the ring. Sergio Mora was the first of the two to come out of his dressing room. He wore black trunks. Shane Mosley entered the ring with great reception from fans. Mosley fought in white trunks with red and green stripes.

During the first round, Mosley wanted to act like the aggressor but like most main event fights all that really took place were the two opponents feeling each other out. The second round begins and it seems just like the first. The fans were starting to get bored. When the third round approached, Mosley finally started to encourage some action. Mosley was showing the crowd that he has been around the ring for years for a reason.

In round four, Mora started to get aggressive. This was beneficial for Mosley because he was able to land more punches. However, these punches did not do much damage. Mosley did however manage a solid right hand that gave Mora a cut on his right eye. By the fifth round, it looked as if Mora was already comfortable in the ring. In round 6, the fight was still all about Mosley. He had been the aggressor for the past 5 rounds. Mora got a clean punch on Mosley’s chin in the last minute of the round. As round 7 started fans could see Mora’s confidence go up as Mosley looked a little tired from the previous rounds.

Round 8 began and Mosley came out fighting. The fatigue was visible on both fighters. In round 9, Mosley showed a short flurry when he was able to back Mora into a corner. At this point, it is safe to say that Mosley won the fight unless Mora can somehow knock him out. Round 10 was probably the most exciting round thus far. With both fighters feeling the pressure, more punches were landed. During the start of the 11th round there was an entertaining exchange between the two boxers. Neither of the fighters seemed too badly hurt but seemed exhausted. The last and final round Mosley threw twice as many punches and caught Mora by surprise.

In the end fight was called a draw when a judge scored the bout 114-114 while the other 2 judges scored it 115-113 (Mora) and 116-112 (Mosley) respectively.


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