Survivor: Redemption Contestants Finally Revealed

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Finally the long wait is over!

The new cast that will compose the highly anticipated Survivor: Redemption Island is here: Andrea Boehlke, 21; Mike Chiesl, 31; Matt Elrod, 22; Ralph Kiser, 44; Francesca Hogi, 36; Krista Klump, 25; Kristina Kell, 46; David Murphy, 31; Grant Mattos, 29; Stephanie Valencia, 25; Philip Sheppard, 52; Sarita White, 36; Natalie Tenerelli, 19; Julie Wolfe, 50; Ashley Underwood, 25; and Steve Wright, 51.

They will all be divided to make up the two tribes— Ometepe and Zapatera as the Survivor returns to Nicaragua for another series in the franchise which is expected to premiere in February 16 (8 p.m. ET)

To complete the list is the comeback of the two most loved [or hated!] participants: Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz. They are back to renew and probably prove themselves worthy of the slots.

The eighteen contestants are expected to out win each other and battle against the rest of the major elements that will be included to make the ‘Survivor’ another suspense experience for the millions of fans. The whole staff and crew have made a more exciting theme and concept to watch out for.

Probst told EW.cim that he doesn’t believe that neither Rob nor Russell will be voted out first. Each of them will join each tribe and are not entitled to any immunity so either of them can be voted out first if the situation permits.


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