Susan Powell’s Disappearance Torments Family

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In her four months of being gone and missing, Susan Powell’s case had continued to look suspicious and hunt the interests of many.

The 28 year old mom is a Well Stock broker and was reported missing after not showing up for work and being not able to dropped her children at the day care. All of her belongings, like the purse and car were found unmoved in their house at West Valley City, Utah.

The whole family was first reported missing by the relatives but husband, John Powell returned on December 7, 2009 with their two small sons after he took them to a camping in a desert. He said that they left Susan in their home and she left early of December 7 after that she wasn’t seen anymore.

Family and friends searched for the missing mom but doubtfully seen the husband not doing any effort. John Powell even abandoned their family home in Utah and moved with his 2 children to Washington State. His acts made Susan’s family and friends curious and somehow angry.

Mrs. Powell’s disappearance is still a very big mystery for her family, friends and even police. Many possible reasons surfaced, her friends even confessed that Susan was planning to leave her husband and that she already prepared all the needed papers for their separation, one of her child also told someone that they went camping with their Mommy and that she was lost while searching for crystals in a cave.

Things were just making the case vaguer and relatives are starting to lose hope but somehow they still find courage to continue their searches hoping to find a clue that will lead them to Susan Powell’s mysterious disappearance.


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