Swine Flu Attacks Britain Killing 10 People

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It looks the H1NI virus is not yet done with spreading sickness to other people.

The swine flu is back as it killed 10 people in Britain in the past six weeks—people who were under 65 years old and were in good health before the virus struck them. So it was a surprise for the doctors when this happened, as well as alarmed.

The H1N1 virus was different from the seasonal flu as it targeted young adults, pregnant women and those that had chronic conditions. United Kingdom was one of the countries that were struck by the virus only this year—one last summer and the other this time, before Christmas.

According to Dr. John Watson of the respiratory diseases in the Health protection Agency, “A lot of people were infected through the two waves of the last pandemic. We estimate something like two-thirds of children and a half of adults are likely to have been infected even though they may have had no symptoms.” He also said that Europe is late when it came to the virus and the symptoms are just being experienced now.

Also, those who had their health checked were positive with the virus and had to be given medications and vaccinations. Unfortunately, 5 of the 10 who died from the virus were not given a flu vaccine, the doctors are advising people to get one in order to prevent the virus from spreading inside the body.

All over Europe, there were reports of flu outbreaks, around nine from schools and army barracks in Yorkshire. For now, hospitals are building on intensive care to look after the patients with flu and to make sure that they make it out alive. And hopefully, the virus will leave Europe soon and not consider taking more lives in the future.


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