Tampa News: 2 Police Officers Dead At Tampa Shooting

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Two Tampa police officers, in their midnight shift were shot dead early morning of Tuesday, June 29, 2010. Both 31 years old, David Curtis and Jeffrey Kocab were shot in the head as they halted and approached a Toyota Camry bearing no license plate.

The residents awaken by the gunshot, saw the two officers lying next to each other in the grass. According to investigators, one of the officers was questioning one of the passengers and found out some outstanding warrants for a few violations. When the officer tried to arrest them, the passenger shot the officers at close range. Though wearing bullet-proof vest, the officers had no time to return fire or radio for help.

The suspects were identified as Dontae Morris and driver Cortnee Nicole Brantley. Brantley, 22, was taken for questioning at 11 a.m. from Bristol Bay Apartment where the suspects’ vehicle was found. She was released afterwards with no charges Tuesday night. Dontae Morris, 24, believed to have shot the officers is at large. A $95,000 reward is being offered for information of the young suspect. Morris is wanted in Jacksonville for a worthless check, wanted for 2 counts of first degree murder and one count for illegal possession of a firearm.


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