Taylor Swift’s New Song Mine Lyrics Leaked!

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Taylor Swift’s newest single entitled “Mine” in her new album Speak Now has been released – prematurely – on August 4, 2010. The song was intended to be released on the 16th of August but a low quality MP3 has been leaked in the internet causing Big Machine Records to rush and release the song on the iTunes and Country Radio.

Videos of the new song had spread like virus in YouTube but obviously did not possess quality the 20-year-old singer/composer Taylor Swift intended to present and be appreciated by her fans. The said videos were immediately removed in You Tube however, the lyrics of the song were already published and made available – illegally-  in the internet.

“Mine” which Swift describes as her tendency to run from love is a song of hope. The song is about being in a happy relationship after surviving an ugly past.  Taylor Swift’s new album Speak Now will be released on the 25th of October this year. The said album has 14 songs, written by Swift herself  - which will also contain some of her “secret” love-life habits. The young country singer is also planning to produce her songs with Nathan Chapman.


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