Tehachapi Wildfire Caused Evacuation

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Last Tuesday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency in Kern County due to the “Bull Fire” on Kernville and the “West Fire” that happened near Tehachapi. According to the governor’s office, both fires destroyed approximately 15,000 acres of land and properties. 30 to 40 homes were estimated to have been destroyed by the wild fire which started around Tuesday afternoon in South Tehachapi, Old West Ranch Community.

According to engineer Anthony Romero of Kern County fire Department, the fire spread quickly and almost destroyed other homes near the vicinity of Blackburn Canyon Road. He said that the strong winds are the ones responsible for the quick spreading of the wildfire. The strong gusts are now coming from the southeast, thus affecting a couple of ridges in Tehachapi.

This wildfire is the second that occurred in Kern County. The wildfire in Tehachapi first erupted on Monday and had grown up to the Kernville area by Tuesday night. An evacuation center has been constructed at Old Jacobsen Jr. High located on South Synder of Tehachapi for those who were forced out of their homes.

Up to this time, the causes of both wildfires are still left untraced. Governor Schwarzenegger and other officials are still devising plans to compensate the ruins the disasters have caused.


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