The boring Mayweather-Marquez fight

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We were disappointed about the recently concluded Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Juan Manuel Marquez bout. The event popularly dubbed: Number One vs. Numero Uno didn’t measure up to what the audience would have expected on a top-notch boxing event. It started quite slow with “dinamita” (Marquez) peppering “pretty boy” (Mayweather) with punches that didn’t successfully entered. Why? On one hand, Marquez’s fighting style wasn’t effective enough. On the other hand, it could be due to Mayweather’s tactic, that is, to be at “arm’s length” from Marquez then occasionally, he would throw either a jab or a combination.

This same monotonous and dull exchange of punches went on until the 12th round, with Mayweather emerged as the winner. The pretty boy, Mayweather Jr. won via unanimous decision. We guess, the controversial ring interview was worth more to watch.

But at least, now we know the reason why Floyd Jr. became known as “Pretty Boy”. Mayweather Jr. wouldn’t get a black-eye nor a gash on his face because he is always ready to “run” the moment his opponent sets up his fist. A very good example of a fearsome fighter.

View the excerpt video of the dull match from Round 1-6.

If you notice, whenever  Marquez’s punches would succeed on entering Mayweather’s defense, pretty boy would hastily back-out then grin mockingly at Marquez’s face. Looks like, Marquez’s strange regimen of drinking his pee for boosting his energy didn’t quite pay off. As for Mayweather Jr., it will be interesting to know his next opponent who could finally put a “mark” on his pretty face.

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