The Nicholas Effect: A Gift of Life and Generosity

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The loss of a child to his or her parents is surely a matter of grief and sadness. However, in this very unique story of faith and triumph against diversity, a couple end up making a most life turning decision that not only changed their lives but the lives of those they have reached out to.

Nicholas effect

On a fateful day of October 1994, a seven year old boy lost his life to highway robbers during a vacation with his family in Italy. This boy’s name was Nicholas Green. Two days short of this tragedy, his parents chose to donate their son’s organs of which saved seven Italians. Soon after this gesture of charity, the act of organ donation became more openly accepted and embraced by people, effectively raising awareness amongst Italians and other people around the world. Outside of the increase of organ donation rates, there have been other works of kindness that have been made in honour of this momentous decision by Mr. and Mrs. Green. Examples of these would be the establishment of the Nicholas Green Foundation and the National Association for Gifted Children. Scholarship grants and awarding have been given out as well as further campaigns with regards organ donation and children’s rights.

Up to this very day, the name ‘Nicholas’ still connotes generosity and organ donation. From one act of kindness, several have followed in the same line of thought and has been coined to be the ‘Nicholas effect’ (Effeto Nicholas) which goes beyond the act organ donation but being able to go beyond one’s means and acting in the spirit of generosity.


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