The Nurses Week 2010 Kicks Off

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Nurses are professionals in the health care field who combine the fine art of caring with scientific skills and knowledge. Now, May 6, 2010, people are giving credit in accordance to the great role of these professionals in the field of health and care.

Being a nurse is not a simple job as others see it who only accompanies doctors. It is a tough job and it is no joke to work almost 24 hours just to attend patients. They also help educate commoners about the ways of living healthy and clean. They heal and give care. Does it sound easy?

Honoring them in their hardwork and efforts seem not a bad idea. Nurses will eventually feel that their efforts are being recognized by giving them a day of tribute.

This tribute is a thanksgiving that they chose and accept their duty of service which can make their lives very stressful. But there they are, rendering their service in a lot of people and they don’t refuse about the tasks given to them. Being a nurse also is to understand the anatomy and physiology of a person as well as his body  chemistry. They need to understand disease processes and treatments so that they will be able to educate patients in layman’s terms.

So, May 6, 2010 is the official day given to the nurses for leaving a legacy that to cure a sick is to give care to them.


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